WANG Xinhu,LYU Yongpeng,WANG Jiandong,et al.Review on the Thread Connection Seal Method and Mechanism of Oil Country Tubular Goods[J].Petroleum Tubular Goods & Instruments,2020,6(01):6-10.[doi:10.19459/j.cnki.61-1500/te.2020.01.002]





Review on the Thread Connection Seal Method and Mechanism of Oil Country Tubular Goods
1.石油管材及装备材料服役行为与结构安全国家重点实验室,中国石油集团石油管工程技术研究院 陕西 西安 710077;2.西安石油大学 陕西 西安 710065; 3.宝鸡石油钢管有限责任公司 陕西 宝鸡 721008
WANG Xinhu1 LYU Yongpeng23 WANG Jiandong1 PAN Baochang3 FENG Yaorong1
1. State Key Laboratory for Performance and Structure Safety of Petroleum Tubular Goods and Equipment Materials, CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute, Xi′an, Shaanxi 710077, China; 2. Xi′an Shiyou University, Xi′an, Shaanxi 710065, China; 3. Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Co.Ltd., Baoji, Shaanxi 721008, China
oil country tubular goods thread connection seal mechanism
Seal integrity of tubular string in HTHP well has not been well guaranteed. Four kinds of seal system for oil country tubular goods (OCTG) are thread seal, shoulder seal, resilient seal and radial metal contact seal. Most gas tight premium connections utilize radial metal seal, and the seal contact pressure in excess of the expected well pressure determines the sealing performance of the connection. A properly designed metaltometal radial seal exhibits a pressure energization effect. An innovative feature can amplify the seal contact force using the stiffness of the pin extension, instead of using the reaction force provided by the negative shoulder angle. The leak probability of metal gas seal is 10-2. the leak rate dependents on the effective width of the contact stress band, surface roughness, surface damage, sealing compound and the type of coating. Leakage did not occurred even fatigue cracks appeared in the premium connections due to vibration. Some premium connections leaked after the shoulders were notched. Shoulders of many tube strings in HTHP well have been corroded, which proves that the radial metal seal surface has leakage path, and the shoulder plays seal role actually. It is concluded that the contact stress design method can not resolve the seal ability of premium connections thoroughly. Other design and manufacture methods should be innovated.


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